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Speaking Engagements

Zoë is a passionate and engaging speaker who loves to help people understand the impact of trauma and violence on their communities. She comes from a diverse background that has well-equipped her to speak to an array of audiences and help bridge gaps so transformation can happen. In her speaking, she brings fierce kindness and compassion to help educate, lead, and collaborate with communities to help them into healing. If your group, organization, or community is looking for a speaker for your next event, Zoë would love to speak with you to find out more and see if she would be a good fit for your needs. Zoë has spoken at church retreats, staff meetings, schools, and other community events.

Potential Topics of Discussion:

  • Trauma and Violence
    • childhood abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual)
    • sexual assault/rape
    • witnessing violence in the home/community/world
    • domestic/relationship/dating violence
    • impact of natural disasters, grief/loss, accidents, health problems, etc.
  • Mental Health Issues
    • suicidal ideation/suicide prevention
    • understanding self-harm: cutting, etc.
    • food/body issues: disordered eating, exercise addiction, etc.
    • attachment
    • impact of trauma on the body and brain
  • Gender-Based Violence
    • Advocacy for survivors of sexual assault/domestic violence
    • Title IX
    • impact of theology/philosophy
    • creating safe spaces for women, children, and/or survivors of trauma

Private Practice Consulting

So, you have finally found yourself in a place where you are thinking and/or dreaming of beginning your private practice. The problem is that you don’t have a business degree or a marketing degree, and you have no idea where to start! I don’t know of a single graduate program in counseling that includes a class on starting your own private practice. It can be daunting and overwhelming, and how do you even know you are doing everything right?! Or maybe you’ve started, but struggling to get the clients you want to find you. Well, let me help you!

With my passion and desire for helping others coupled with my intense organizational skills, I have been able to fill my private practice in under 6 months of opening its doors! I have found some of the best ways to create and then grow your practice so you can start doing the work you love and are passionate about rather than stressing out about finances.

I’m honored and excited to begin offering consulting and coaching services for clinicians trying to figure out how to open and grow their practices in a way that feels true and authentic to them. We will discuss the legal issues with beginning a practice, marketing techniques and resources, accounting issues, and/or anything else that you would find helpful!

one-on-one coaching sessions:

Meet for individual sessions to get guidance and resources to help you grow your practice. Meet as often as you need via video conference. Sessions are tailored to fit your individual needs and desires for your practice.

Investment: $100/ 1-hr session or prepay for a 3 pack for $240!