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Upcoming workshops:

Relationships 101: Healthy Boundaries & Communication

Relationships are messy, hard, and seem to becoming more and more complicated as technology dominates the world around us. Whether you were raised in a family that was relatively functional or not, or whether your life has relatively free of heartache, it is always a good reminder to learn about red flags of harmful relational dynamics and how to avoid them — or how to change them.


We will discuss and dive into the following:

Healthy Relationships:

– Attachment : Types, How its formed, neurobiology, etc. (powerpoint, video for attachment examples, diagrams of neurobiology/neuroplasticity)

– Communication : active listening, respect, honoring the other, anatomy of a real apology. (role plays, handouts)

– Boundaries : why we need them, how to create them, and how to stick with them

– Self – care : caring for self so we can care for others

Trauma :

– Impact on brain and, thus, relationships

– Power and control wheels

– Red flags for potentially harmful relationships

– Power of healing relationships

– Shame and how it impacts relationships (powerpoint, role plays, diagrams, resource handouts)

The format will be lecture style, but will include some group discussion and engagement. You will not be asked to speak or engage in any way that you do not want to. There will be two or three 5-10 minute breaks. Refreshments will be provided as well as a plethora of resources. I will have handouts with a lot of information, notes to give out, and resources for further learning.


– Understanding Attachment and its importance on human development and relationships

– Being able to identify and incorporate healthy communication skills

– Understanding the basics of boundary setting in relationships – Leave with a basic self-care plan

– Basic understanding of what trauma is, it’s impact on the brain and how it impacts relationships


30% of the proceeds will go towards The SAFE Alliance (, an organization based here in Austin that works tirelessly to end violence and abuse for all populations. I’m choosing to support The SAFE Alliance because of their endless commitment to the greater Austin community to stop abuse for everyone. They have been working for social justice in the city for decades as as rape crisis center and a battered women’s shelter. They now have over a dozen programs devoted to prevention, education, intervention, and counseling services for children, adults, and families from all walks of life. They are leading the charge to make Austin truly safe. By participating in this workshop you are learning more about creating your own relationships and environments free from harm and also supporting the amazing work that SAFE does. Thus, you are doubling the work of SAFE and really paying it forward! The first step in health and wellbeing is education and awareness, and you are empowering yourself by attending this workshop to learn more about healthy dynamics, healthy communication, and the stepping stones of healthy relationships!

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You'll be the first to hear about anything related to the online course!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed! No exploitation here.