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Lessons from My Therapist

and how 5 years on a couch transformed my life

As some of you know, I recently moved my practice from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX which means that just a few short months ago I had my last session with the psychotherapist I had been seeing multiple times a week for the duration of...
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I believe you.

Possibly the three most important, but under-used, words in the English language.

“I believe you.” These are three of the most important words that can be strung together in the English language. A sentence, I believe, that is not used enough. These three little words communicate a lot. I hear you.  I see you.  Your experience...
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New Year, New Perspective:

Questioning the Intentions Behind New Years Resolutions

The Holiday Season is almost over. We have, for the most part, survived stressful time spent with family and/or friends. We have struggled with relationship dynamics, seasonal depression, unhealthy eating habits, and the self-doubt and contempt that often comes to reading everyone’s Christmas letters....
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As Darkness Approaches

Transitioning to Winter

Trauma survivors usually know how abrupt the change of seasons can be. The constant changes in life, feeling in control one minute then completely out of control and victimized the next, the deep dive into despair and hopelessness which seems to come out of nowhere— life...
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